Mold Treatment

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Mold is more than unsightly — it’s a significant health hazard for you and your family. When mold takes hold in your home, it does more than stain walls and create unpleasant odors. Mold spores spread through the air, contaminating your home and potentially causing illnesses as well as significant property damage.

Mold issues can often lead to symptoms such as asthma, allergies, sinus infections, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, upper respiratory discomfort, coughing or wheezing, nausea, eye irritation and even rashes. It is important to hire a knowledgeable and skilled professional when dealing with mold. Carolina Mold Control includes controlling the source of the moisture problem, extracting all water and wet materials, and then treating the substructure to kill and prevent future growth.

Mold Company in Lexington, SC

The effects of mold in your home can be costly in more ways than one. As a result, when you need mold cleanup in your home, you want to know that the contractor will provide all of the services you need — and eradicate mold for good.

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